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Happy Birthday, Charlotte Clymer!

Wish Charlotte a happy birthday

by contributing to her fundraiser for Running Start. 

A note from Charlotte:

Oh god, 36? Already?

Say it isn't so, but on Oct. 12th, I officially enter pre-middle-age, and I wanna do it with a bang!

Help me celebrate my birthday by supporting political training programs for young women and non-binary youth.

Running Start is the nation's largest organization dedicated to that purpose, and they are bipartisan in order to bring the next generation of political leadership into healthy democratic collaboration.

I've raised money every year for this organization on my birthday for over a decade, and this year, I joined their Board of Directors to further that purpose.

What else is different: Running Start partnering with Xceleader to host an in-person summit for 50+ HBCU young women and nonbinary leaders on Friday, November 11, at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in DC.

I want to raise enough to sponsor twenty young women and nonbinary folks from HBCUs to attend this summit.

Everyone who donates gets a handwritten "thank you" note from yours truly and my unending affection.

Thanks, y'all! <3


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