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Elizabeth Charash

Elect Her Alum

When I came to a Running Start Elect Her workshop, I was looking to make community with other women interested in politics, particularly those interested in running for office. I wanted to build the skills that would better equip me to run for office and empower my peers to run, as well.
As part of the Alum Board, I have had the opportunity each month to learn from my Running Start peers, gaining better insight into their paths to politics. Running Start provides a template for understanding yourself as worth sitting at the table. The recognition that the organization provides through their programs helps you recognize yourself as worthy and provide you with the tools to seek the path in politics that best suits you. I look forward to this continued partnership as I continue down my own path.
While we are seeing many more women enter politics, the consistent notion from our government and society that the autonomy of women is malleable is not only exhausting, but offensive. In community with my fellow women leaders at Running Start, I know I have the safe space to build community with the other women who will be leading the charge to ensure that we belong in places of power and will lead our world to a place where equity and equality are no longer slogans, but law.

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