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Running Start x Girl Scouts

Give yourself a running start into politics! 


Want to become a leader in your community? 

If you're already a Girl Scout, that's a great first step! 

Girl Scouts use their voices to create change -

which is why we need you in politics. 

Connect with others, expand your horizons,

and use your unique talents to make a difference. 

Here's how you can get started:

With Running Start you can explore the idea of running for office

The skills that you learn with us can apply to politics, business, school, or any opportunity to lead. If you're in elementary school, student government is the perfect place to get started. And you'll be in great company: more than 50% of Congresswomen and women state legislators got their start in student government. 

You can bring this exciting opportunity to your community! 

Work with your local Girl Scouts Council to host a one-day Elect Her workshop on running for office.

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