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Headshot of Allison Goulden

Allison Goulden

Communications & Evaluations Manager

Allison grew up in northern New Jersey and developed a passion to learn more about the political process during her senior year of high school. This led her to Juniata College, where she created her own major in Political Communication. Allison was a Running Start Intern in 2018! After graduating, Allison decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Political Management from the George Washington University. During this time, she interned at People for the American Way, where she worked on finding young, diverse candidates who wanted to run for office. She also provided policy support and created a policy newsletter to help young elected officials. After that, she joined the staff of Running Start as a Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant, and then started her work as Digital & Evaluations Coordinator.

In her free time, Allison enjoys running, knitting, eating cookies, and talking to her family.

Allison’s LinkedIn

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