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HBCU Women Leaders Summit

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Get involved in politics and change the world!

Join us and Xceleader to develop leadership skills in a supportive setting.

During this Summit you will -

Discover the importance of HBCU women running for student government.
Map out your network and start assembling a team to help you run.
Connect with 75 HBCU women from around the country.
Leave the training with a plan to run for office.

free to attend
limited number of travel scholarships available
meals during the Summit are provided and free of charge

"The summit truly boosted my confidence as a Black woman. It taught me that nothing is impossible and that I'm not the only one that has faced adversities."

- 2022 alum

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“When I was a freshman at Howard University, I was 17 years old and trying to figure out, ‘What am I going to do on this incredible campus?’ [Running Start] facilitator Tasha Cole was the first person to tell me I should run for office. I had that experience ... and took it very seriously. And just at 17 years old I decided to run for office in Washington, DC, and became the youngest person ever elected in DC.”

Allyson Carpenter
former Howard University Student Association President

93% of participants felt confident in their ability to run for office!

Thank you to our Sponsors

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Lucinda Robb

Interested in empowering the next generation of
HBCU women leaders?

See our Sponsorship Packet here.

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