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Headshot of Allyce Trapp

Allyce Trapp

Elect Her Alum
Run with Running Start 2022

Running Start helped clarify that there are many more opportunities out there for women in politics than I initially believed. In this men-dominated field, women are rapidly gaining ground in representation across the political spectrum. Listening to the women blazing the trails and meeting the female leaders in our field opened my eyes to what is possible in the political realm for me and others.
I wanted to learn how to make my way up in the political field from the women who are already doing it themselves. I wanted answers to the question, "How did they do it?" I got those answers.
My interest has continued as I have gotten to know other alums from across the country and am inspired by their journey. There are so many strong, political women in this group supporting each other, and I want to be a part of it!
There's this phrase that mothers say to their children when in danger: "Look for the helpers." That is what I took away from the Elect Her program in my own way. Look for the women who are trying to help other women; that advice has really helped me identify people I can rely on, look up to, and ask for guidance. The women that go out of their way to say hello, or ask how you are, or even just smile at you are the ones I have gravitated towards, with great results!
Without that inspiration from the Elect Her program, I would not have connected with women I wanted to be like and would not have known where to look for guidance, inspiration, and motivation. I had no idea just how many women were in the field of politics and no matter where I look now, I know I can find someone in this network that can help me on my journey. I just hope to one day return the favor!

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