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AP Velasco

Elect Her Alum

Before I started my Running Start Elect Her workshop, I didn't think I was qualified enough to be in this field. In hindsight, I didn't ever think I would be "ready" to come into politics with the right amount of passion and influence to be heard and represent my community.
I learned that showing up is more than half the battle! When you come to anything — whether that's politics, leadership, an initiative you love, your job — with passion and a want to understand, others will pick up that energy. Running Start helped me advocate for my beliefs and my political aspirations while helping me build a network of other women who want to do the same.
Running Start illuminated for me that what I have to say matters. Through the Elect Her workshop, my story and lived experiences were validated and encouraged by the moderators and other participants. I was able to carry this encouragement with me through multiple campaigns, my time in college and my first job.
This program is the reason I continued to pursue politics and my passion in this field. It was the reason why I applied and graduated from two campaign schools, joined the Biden for President campaign and now have a government job.

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