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Chloe Roblyer

Operations Manager

Born and raised just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, Chloe was a Running Start intern in 2019. During her time in college and under the direction of two professors, Chloe conducted original research on nationalism and identity in the United Kingdom. Her passion for political engagement and youth leadership training led her to work as a field organizer on multiple political campaigns. After graduating with a political science degree from Brigham Young University, she worked at FIRST Global, where she helped gather teams from 190 countries to participate in a robotics style Olympics competition in Dubai. Chloe loves helping with finance and other behind-the-scenes tasks that keep operations running smoothly, and is especially interested in using these skills to get more women elected in her home state of Utah (and across the country!). On the weekends Chloe likes to read, play with her cat and register her friends to vote.

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